Social Events

SKITTLES NIGHT 9th April 2022

Team Desperate 7

A good turnout on this first social event since the start of the lockdowns.  The winners were, team Desperate 7…….even though they were only 6 of them.   At the other end of the scoreboard it was the Pagham Pirates but still taking away a booby prize.   We think BobW had a really good night although hard to tell from his expression.  

THE ROCK & ROLL NIGHT (previously The 60s Night) -2018
With numbers restricted to a reasonable number managing the event proved easier than in previous years and with an extended menu and a new band all was looking good. The weather once again did its best to spoil proceedings and it certainly was a wet, windy and cold night, so much so that two of the band members had some difficulty in finding the venue as did one or two of the guests.

Once every one was present the evening proceeded and it must be said that it proved to be one of the very best for some years with the band an outstanding success. Two quality one hour sessions with songs from an era still fresh in the minds of many present and songs which had the dance floor area and the aisles full of dancers. 

With a ‘free’ raffle and our presentation to Kamelia Kids with this year’s charity efforts in the shortened interval it was back to the music in double quick time. Thank you to everyone who came along and made the evening a success and thank you to those who remained to clear up the resultant debris.


Christmas lights, balloons, bunting and George even provided table cloths this year as we prepared to do our thing to the music of the Bootleg Bandits. A slight change in our usual programme meant that we ate first with a fine hot buffet provided once again by Steve with just about everyone commenting on the quality of the food. The band played a first session of fifty minutes when we all had the opportunity to see just how many individuals had made the effort to come in period costume. Dorothy from Kamelia Kids was given the task of choosing the best dressed man and woman with the prizes going to Geoff in his Sgt Pepper outfit and Louise looking very much the part of a hippy. Bernard forsook his collar and tie of last year tp go the whole hog with his outfit and similarly Dave who proved to be almost unrecognisable.

We reenacted the presentation of our cheque to Kamelia Kids for the benefit of those who haven’t access to the website to see the original presentation and presented the Clubman of the Year award to Steve Wilson. Steve provided the food at our skittles and quiz nights at cost and at the Bikefest event at Goodwood he provided Club members with breakfast and lunch at no cost to members. To cap off his efforts this year Steve as already mentioned came up with the goods with his menu for the night.

The second session from the band saw a few more folk taking to the floor as the alcohol took effect and with the usual comments of ‘its not sixty’s music’ the evening drew to a close. A good few folk stayed to clear up the hall and the Chairman left clutching enough balloons to lift him from the ground. Thanks to everyone for making the evening a success.

Never forget the bar staff!


You never know just how successful these events will be so all that you can do is put the basics in place and trust to luck. Right then the hall is booked, the tickets are sold and the menu choices made, the group have been booked including Lawrie for the interval and the food arranged. A quick pause for breath at this point………… Then the table tennis equipment has to be hidden, the stage scenery put outside, the tables and chairs placed remembering to keep a space for ‘dancing’? blow up multiple balloons and arrange the Christmas lights. Unload the raffle prizes and arrange them on the table so folk can see what is on offer and then they will buy tickets, another pause for breath ……… and the most important ingredient arrives Club members and their partners.

That is it the evening is underway, beverages begin to flow, the group kick into life and once we turn the lights down the performances begin, no names so no embarrassment. Club members plunge into their wallets, purses, pension funds or whatever and purchase raffle tickets to the tune of £241!!

8.45 arrives and the food is served with the usual suspects at the front of the queue and once all have been served it’s time for the presentation of the charity cheque to the representatives from Kamelia Kids. This year’s Club Member of the Year is presented with the shield, a worthy winner although he may have it on a piece of elastic as it keeps coming back to him. Winning raffle numbers called and prizes distributed before it’s lights down and back to the dancing.

All to soon it’s 11.45 and the band winds down and people begin to depart, the bar takings are counted, a record amount for a Club event, and the pack up, balloon popping and sweep up rounds off the evening. Thanks to all who helped, danced, drank and generally had a good time ensuring the evening was a success.


60s NIGHT 11-2015