Martlet Run

2024 28th April:  Martlet Run

A good turnout by members, surprisingly, given the rain in the night and still into morning and most riders were already soggy / drowned even before the runs officially started.  Registrations on the day were disappointing (but understandably).   DonT, SteveS and TrevorD were there early as usual to set up griddle, urn, gas, cups, tables, banners and then handle the catering and did a great job, and of course clearing and washing up after everyone else had buggered off home at close of day, and of course thanks also to the 3 ladies (Ethel, Angie, Jean) in the cold handling the registrations.  Other than for the run group leaders for the most part our journey took us down mysterious lanes surrounded by carpets of bluebells, through tiny hamlets, even to a viaduct, and,,,,er….to some really deep flooded roads as you will observe from the photos.  The brave did the full route and others took a short cut back.     No action photo of the incident unfortunately where an oncoming car driver clearly didn’t comprehend its water bow wave was going to be higher than our knees!  Best bike on the day went to what was at the start a shiny 1960 Matchless 650 CSR and will now need a lot of bike cleaning in the coming weeks!
[Report & photos by AlH and SteveS]

2023 23rd April Martlet Run

Oh what a wet and windy day was had by all.   This resulted unfortunately in only 39 intrepid bikers turning up on the day on a varied selection of old and on new machines.   Despite the best made plans, a detailed route map, checking out and testing the route 4 days before, then 3 days and yet again 1 day before the actual event unbelievably we encountered on the day a road closure to Lodsworth which threw a right old spanner in the works….so best made plans and all that.     One bike went down owing to some nasty gravel but he was okay.  A two-stroker came to a skidding halt on route owing to a seize.  And one bike had a rear tyre puncture but was able to limp back.   And finally, one oily rag of a bike (identity of rider withheld) leaving a trail of oil (not bread crumbs like Hansel & Gretel) to assist all who followed who might otherwise have been uncertain as to multi-tasking of riding and map reading.     Twas fun nonetheless.    Trophy and whiskey winners were:   Best overall bike on the day Victor Hurst on a 1962 250cc Greaves; Best Brit bike John Stubbs on yet again his canary yellow BSA 1965 A65; Best non-Brit bike was Jim Searle on his 125 Puch; Best combined age of rider + bike was ‘Hairy’ Keith Tew on his 1951 Sunbeam S8 (the one with the rear carrier falling off progressively during the run).



2022 24th April Martlet Run

This was the first post Covid new normality SBMOC charity fund raising event.  For obvious reasons numbers attending have not yet returned to previous numbers as is also the situation for most national events, but nonetheless we were pleased to see a good turn out by 65 bikes doing either the 65 mile or 35 mile map courses.  One group missed a turn …although maintaining it was a fault in the map…. supposedly on the 35 miler and ended up doing 62 miles.   A nice thing to do on a wonderfully sunny Sunday day out in Sussex.     Thanks to the Committee members for doing and serving the freshly cooked bacon baps and refreshments on the day, MickG for the routes and maps and of course to our lovely ladies Ethel and Christine for registration and riders packs. 

Best old bike award went to Don Poulter for his 1962 Greeves Sports twin.  Best restored award went to Glen Williams for his immaculate 1914 New Hudson Delux  (yes, 1914, which he rode in on and completed the course!).  Best bike on the day went to Jack Ingle for his lovely 1953 Triumph Blackbird.


2021 No event
2020 No event
2019.  Sorry, no one kept photos or did a write-up for this event
2018 (the last of formerly the Engineerium Run).  Lots of photos but no write-up