UK Trips

Wales Bunkhouse Trip to Llanthony Abbey 12-16th September
11 members went on the club’s annual ‘bunkhouse’ pilgrimage to Llanthony Priory, Wales with the group comprising some who wished to just ride and ride and another that wanted to do a bit more touristy sight-seeing sort of stuff….hence photo of a coal pit.   Weather was good in all respects.    Only one mechanical problem and machine had to do the return trip in the support van.  


WALES 2019

We cobbles together a dozen Club members who were keen to experience the pleasures of this annual event and those folk included two ‘Wales virgins’ Mike Dulake and Roger Lingwood. As some didn’t want to ride to Wales, some wanting the fastest route and others the scenic we split up to keep everyone happy. Don took Roger and Mike, their bikes a Mick G’s BSA, Bob took Dave’s Triumph on his trailer, Mike T. Tony and Ron took the fast route leaving Keith, Mick G and the author to take the scenic route. All had decided to have a meal on the way down thus avoiding the need to cook on arrival. Dome of got wet, some of us didn’t bt when we arrived we found that Cordelia has the fire going to dry us and our gear.

During our entire stay the weather was absolutely brilliant enabling us to do whatever we wished. Again we divided up wish meandering runs of 120 and 150 miles whilst others stayed a little closer to home. Some things were the same, the door curtain, the range of bodily functions (snoring etc). Ron talking to himself although he amended his usual toga wearing performance to one wearing a beret. It is difficult to describe the Wales experience to others you really need to come along and enjoy the scenery, the food and the company of like minded lunatics.

WALES 2018

After a one year sabbatical it was decided to return to Llantony Priory where we had enjoyed ourselves immensely in previous years and had every intention of doing so again. The cast for this epic adventure this year was as follows;

The past, passed, former President (or whatever he wants to be called) Mike on his Yamaha Diversion, Tony Honda Deauville, Malcolm Honda CB500, Mick Triumph Trophy, Dave Harley Davidson 1200. Keith Meadmore Triumph T100, Don Ariel 350, Bob Honda 550.In addition Mick’S BSA B40 and Dave’s Triumph Thunderbird and John Beckingham BMW 650 

Mike, Tony, Malcolm and Dave rode down on modern machines, Keith joined us after detouring via the New Forest to attend to family business, John (after driving his Willy’s jeep at Goodwood) joined us at Llantony, whilst Bob and Don drove down in their vans with the additional machines. It was untroubled runs by all and sundry, no incidents reported and no rain whatsoever, so very unlike previous Welsh trips. We called in at Mike favourite cafe in Calne and had a pleasant lunch and on arrival at our destination the log fire was burning well, Sean was there keeping an eye on proceedings and Colin had made sure that the door curtain (which must be Grade 1 listed) remained unchanged.