Once again our motley group of Club members rose early on Sunday to get to Aldershot by 8.30am to sign on as observers and with the weather promising to be wet in the afternoon we were all well prepared. As always the paddock was filled with some of the most exotic trials machines, beautifully prepared and whilst there were many ‘original’ machines there were a similar number of ‘specials’ ranging from Ducati, MV Augusta, Douglas, Panther etc the list goes on. After signing on we trooped off with our bag of sweets, provided by the organisers, to the food wagon for our egg and bacon roll that too courtesy of the organising Club. Successfully managing to consume said roll without getting egg all down the font of your kit we continued off to trek, and it is a far walk, to our section which for the past few year has been Hungry Hill. This year due to the paucity of observers two took the Hill whist the other two moved on to another section for an enjoyable day of trials action. The forecasters got it spot on regarding the incoming rain but suitably clad in waterproof gear we didn’t let that spoil our fun

A few photos follow courtesy of John Grew.

How about a super tricked up Triumph,
it’s owner hoping to do the Scottish.
Or perhaps you might prefer an Indian Scout?
Going down……………
…or going up, both take a great deal of courage.


Once again the MOD land at Hungry Hill reverberated to the sound of some two hundred plus four stroke pre ’65 trials machines both solo and sidecar. Entries were up this year and although the weather was bitterly cold many riders felt it unnecessary to wear cloves and some had sleeves rolled up! We had five observers this year and the Club running the event were pleased for that fact and I can assure you that standing out from 9.00am until 4.00pm is no mean feat especially as there is need not just to mark the riders efforts but also to prevent spectators wandering across the section at the most inopportune moments.

Lets try it with three wheels it looks OK
You can even take the good wife, just get her a matching helmet
Maybe its not quite that easy after all!
 You can these climbs leisurely………….
….or at speed if you must………………
….and even do it on a flat twin Douglas!
Hey! You’re supposed to go up the hill!
I keep telling him why he’s cold but will he listen?
Why have I got a hat on? It’s the other end that’s freezing!